About Arsene

ARSENE TAXAND is the first business law firm in France exclusively specializing in tax. A founding member of the TAXAND international network (spanning 50 countries, with 400 partners and 2,000 tax advisors), our firm is independent and not related to any audit or law firm.

Created in 2004, ARSENE TAXAND offers a cutting edge service in all the firm’s main areas of activity. With its 16 partners and over 45 tax lawyers based in Paris, the ARSENE TAXAND team helps you to anticipate the risks facing your company and optimize taxation, against an international background.
Structured around the model of major firms of strategy consultants, our teams have good knowledge not only of the main issues facing your company, but also of changes in your business sector. We provide you with innovative solutions devised as a result of the diversity of our expertise, the power of our thinking and the mutual enrichment of our teams. Far from simply offering you standardized products or purely macro-economic Tax planning, we provide you with custom-tailored solutions.

Advising you with regard to the financial and tax management of your company, assisting you in your proposed acquisitions, helping you to restructure and streamline your business activities, providing you with the means to deal with transfer pricing, we are present every time you need to make important strategic choices. At the very early stages of your projects, we help you to consider the impacts they will have and make sure they are structured in the best possible manner.

In an environment where anticipation is a key to successful development and the best way of avoiding the risk of things not going as planned, we take care of your interests on an ongoing basis. Working hand-in-hand with our international network, we provide you with access to the best tax expertise in all the main international business centers. From London to New Delhi and from New York to Moscow, the partners of TAXAND give you coordinated, independent and novel tax advice.


ARSENE TAXAND is made up of teams of tax lawyers specializing in corporate taxation and taxation of corporate officers and management executives, and aims to offer a suitable, innovative premium service in our various areas of expertise.

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  • Alain Recoules  
  • Antoine Glaize  
  • Arnaud de Brosses  
  • David Chaumontet  
  • Denis Andres  
  • Franck Chaminade  
  • Franck Llinas  
  • François Lugand  
  • Frédéric Teper  
  • Frédéric Donnedieu de Vabres  
  • Laurent Partouche-Sebban  
  • Marc Brocardi  
  • Michel Taly  
  • Mirouna Verban  
  • Nicolas Jacquot  
  • Olivier Vergniolle  
  • Roland Schneider  
  • Vincent Desoubries  
  • Agnes Serero  
  • Alexandre Rocchi  
  • Anne-Carole Chapuis  
  • Anne-Charlotte Humeau  
  • Brice Picard  
  • Cécile Natali  
  • Charlotte Leclerc  
  • Driss Tof  
  • Fabien Billiaert  
  • Jacques Mestoudjian  
  • Laurent Mamou  
  • Nathalie HABIBOU  
  • Patrice Corbin  
  • Pierre Marchand  
  • Ruth Guerra Marin  
  • Stéphanie Hamis  
  • Steven Guthknecht