Arsene Taxand - Contributions & local taxes

The weight of local taxation has become a major challenge as regards tax management for corporations located in France. The regulation, which is more and more complex, calls for a clear understanding of a possible range of action. Reorganization operations, key moments of the corporation life, require the anticipation of their tax consequences.

Our expertise fully covers contributions and local taxes:
  • Business use tax and its limitation assessed on added value (until 2009)
  • Minimum contribution based on added value (until 2009)
  • Local trading contribution (as from 2010)
  • Additional contribution assessed on added value (as from 2010)
  • Real estate tax on built and unbuilt land
  • Tax on offices, business premises and warehouses in the Paris area
  • Levy on large retail stores greater than four hundred square meters (TASCOM)

Our team, having developed a recognized expertise as regards business use tax, is fully invested in the current reform, notably by taking part in various think-tanks on the subject. Arsene Taxand will thus immediately be in a position to help you anticipate its effects, some resulting in significant savings, and others involving a noticeable increase in the corporation’s taxation. Taking into account these developments beforehand is essential and may in some cases lead to reconsider the location and the companies’ organization methods.

Head by Olivier Vergniolle, our team of specialists is directly and strictly integrated into the team in charge of the corporate and tax optimization management. Reorganization operations and reflections on the organization of corporation functions are, and will remain after the current reform of the business use tax, the key elements for the management of these local taxes.

Our assignements :

  • Advice throughout the entire life of the corporation (activities liable for taxes, investments, organization of functions, taxable base management, returns, assistance during reorganizations, impact assessing, assistance during tax audits…)
  • Audits : Optimization research and management of risks
  • Litigations: Litigation claims, litigation management and follow-up before the Courts

  • A real multisector experience with regard to the life of corporations and a global vision of corporate taxes throughout all the stages of their life.
  • Additional skills in every field concerning tax enabling us to meet all the requirements of the corporation as regards business strategy and tax management (indirect taxation, customs, transfer pricing, local taxation).
  • Our network of partners and experts notably in M&A, welfare law, corporation law as well as market law, enables us to secure all the aspects related to corporate management and tax strategy.