Arsene Taxand - Corporate Executives

Arsene Taxand supports corporate executives and senior profiles, private investors and corporate managers under LBO in order to optimize their compensation and investment tools within the framework of:
  • The implementation of corporate compensation strategy,
  • The structuring of business property tax
  • The investment optimization of a Private Equity fund.

Head by Frédéric Donnedieu de Vabres, our Corporate Executives team works with corporations, investors and funds who wish to outline and carry out a relevant strategy in the light of the new national and international tax issues and within the framework of affiliated corporations listed on the Stock Exchange, but also both private and family-owned corporations or under LBO.

Implementation of compensation tools relative to corporate executives as well as alternative compensation methods following the MEDEFF/AFEP recommendations

  • Advice and assistance in the implementation of ordinary compensation systems: stock options, stock dividends,
  • o Advice and assistance in the implementation of alternative compensation mechanisms: tax management relative to differed compensation (golden parachutes, severance packages…), advice and implementation of equity incentive alternative instruments (BSA, exchangeable or refundable security bonds…)

With regard to private investors executives, we carry out assistance assignments in tax structuring relative to business property:

  • Management and tax planning of international compensations, tax management of the professional tool and wealth tax impacts,
  • Management and tax planning of flows (dividends and interests),
  • Assistance in anticipating the exit mechanisms of executives pulling out of their professional structure.

With regard to Private Equity, our teams advise managers during the implementation of the Management Packages or during their reorganization at the investment or disinvestment stage.

  • In conjunction with our Private Equity firm team, we assist the funds during the implementation and the negotiation of the Management Packages.
  • Full and complementary support to managers in order to help them define their investment mechanisms and rewards in secure conditions.
  • Advice and assistance for fund managers with regards to the internal policy of Carried Interests

  • The synergies and resources within the Taxand network enable us to assist clients at an international level, notably for multinational groups.
  • The experience of the firm with Private Equity Funds enable us to adjust the compensation structures to the new market conditions.
  • The double approach beneficiary / corporation enable us to anticipate all the tax aspects with regards to internal reorganization.
  • -Our network of partners and experts, notably in welfare law, corporation law as well as market law enable us to secure all the aspects related to the optimization of compensation tools.