Arsene Taxand - Corporate Tax management and strategy

Nowadays, effective corporate management requires taking full account of tax implications in the decision-making process.

Arsene Taxand supports companies, from SMEs to multinationals,
  • in defining their tax strategy
  • in handling tax challenges that arise during their activities, or during extraordinary transactions

Our teams provide companies with their know-how, with a view to optimising and securing the company’s tax position.
Thanks to the support of the Taxand international network, our teams are able to handle the most complex international tax challenges.

The cornerstone of our firm’s activity, the Corporate Tax team, led by Olivier Vergniolle and Franck Chaminade, provides its expertise to companies that seek active, optimised management of their taxation, in the day-to-day management of their activities, and for extraordinary transactions.

Tax strategy

  • Analysis, Management and Optimisation of the effective tax rate (ETR)
  • International tax strategy (choice of the method used to open offices/plants and determine location)

Tax management

  • Assistance in computing taxable income
  • Handling challenges associated with tax consolidation
  • Optimisation of financing and management of debt ratios
  • Tax management of flows (dividends, interests and royalties)
  • Optimisation of tax losses/securing the deductibility of interest expenses and acquisition costs
  • Application of tax agreements, international double taxation tax management

Tax support in the company's one-time transactions (acquisitions, disposals, restructuring, etc.)

  • Acquisition tax reviews
  • Tax structuring of acquisitions (optimisation of the timing of the start of tax consolidation, securing of the deductibility of interest expenses and acquisition expenses, etc.)
  • Tax vendor due diligence for disposals of companies
  • Support in preparing for disposals with a view to limiting tax disputes
  • Support with restructurings in order to optimise its tax aspects (implementation of preferential regimes, securing of tax losses, etc.)
  • Preparation and management of the relationship with the tax authorities when filing authorisation requests (Partial contributions of assets, transfers of losses, partial de-mergers, etc.)

Our complementary areas of expertise in all areas of taxation enable us to satisfy all corporate needs with respect to tax strategy and management (indirect taxation, customs, transfer pricing, local taxation). The support we receive from the Taxand network enables us to handle international challenges. Our network of partners and experts notably in M&A, labour law, corporate law and stock market law, enables us to master all the issues involving company management and tax strategy.