Arsene Taxand - Energies & Environment

Environmental protection as well as the concern to ensure the conditions for a well-balanced development on the long term, have taken an increasing importance in the European and national policies.

Instrument based on the market, such as C0² exchange quotas, and environmental taxes are major tools in order to achieve the ambitious targets laid down by the authorities.

Arsene Taxand assists industrialists and investors to understand and anticipate the tax impacts of these regulatory developments.

The Environment team is headed by David Chaumontet. The team assists industrial operators and investors in order to analyze, measure and manage the environmental tax burden induced by their activities. We thus intervene on different kinds of assignments:

  • Prior to reforms, analysis of the mechanisms contemplated by the legislator and anticipation of their impact tax wise (ex, auction of CO² quotas),
  • Regulatory survey and information of our clients on the direct and indirect tax consequences of the reforms (ex, carbon tax),
  • Analysis of the tax treatment of market tools developed by operators (ex, UQA swap vs. CER),
  • Fiscal due diligences and assistance to the structuring of acquisitions (ex, wind farms, solar farms),
  • Assistance to litigation in the environmental and energy tax fields (ex, general tax on polluting activities (TGAP) audit),
  • Assistance in the implementation of procedures relating to energy taxes (ex, excise tax on oil products (TIPP).

  • A team with complementary and coherent technical and sector-based skills,
  • A proactive monitoring,
  • A significant experience in terms of Private Equities and structuring of acquisitions,
  • A high mobilization capacity,
  • Technical partnerships within the Taxand network,
  • A network of expert partners.