Arsene Taxand - R&D

Arsene Taxand helps tax directors and research directors of companies that implement R&D projects in selecting global solutions for managing their domestic and international R&D activities, by:
  • determining the “CIR” [Research Tax Credit],
  • optimising the CIR tax strategy,
  • qualifying for the CIR mechanism
  • assisting clients with administrative issues vis-à-vis the Tax Authority.

Led by Pierre Marchand and Alain Recoules, our R&D team helps you to define your tax policy in a way that takes full account of your research investments.

You are the tax director of a company engaged in research and development projects. Research and Innovation are the keys to a company’s competitiveness and they represent a powerful source of leverage for corporate growth in an increasingly competitive, constantly evolving global environment. Given the strategic nature of Research and Innovation activities, many incentive mechanisms are implemented, in France and abroad, to support companies’ Research and Innovation activities.

You are the company’s director of research. You develop and file many patents. You want to facilitate the financing and implementation of your research projects and you want to know if, and to what extent, your projects qualify for credit opportunities.


“CIR eligibility determination” service

  • Customized analysis of research projects and determination of their CIR eligibility,
  • Training of employees and researchers with a view to promoting knowledge transfer,
  • Calculation of the CIR, based on the company's accounting and tax environment.

“Optimisation of the CIR tax strategy” service

  • Implementation of an international tax strategy integrating the taxation of research activities in all related tax issues,
  • Selection of the most appropriate incentive mechanisms with the support of the Taxand network and integration in a cross-disciplinary approach.

“CIR mechanism qualification” service

  • Qualifying for the CIR, while taking account of changes to international and domestic mechanisms promoting research activities,
  • Managing accounting issues and all aspects of international tax strategy (management of intangible assets, transfer pricing, etc.)

“Assistance with administrative issues vis-à-vis the Tax Authority" service

  • Supporting the drafting of documentation and assisting in preparing research activity declarations,
  • Supporting actions taken with the ministries and government administrations,
  • Assisting with audits.

A dual expertise

  • Domestic and international tax expertise offered by our firm and the members of our Taxand network worldwide. This expertise goes beyond the optimisation of the taxation of research activities; it provides our clients with a cross-disciplinary approach involving related tax issues, especially for international growth or restructuring operations.
  • High-quality scientific expertise thanks to research experts in each business sector, able to quickly and accurately identify eligible projects, and also able to handle the interface with the French Research Administration if needed.

Tax specialists: Arsene Taxand

  • A team of French and international tax specialists having expertise in R&D and all related tax issues (management of intangible assets, VAT, transfer pricing, etc.).

A global network: Taxand Global Alliance

  • The world's largest network of independent tax specialists: 2,000 professionals in 44 countries.
  • Following an initiative by Arsene, Taxand published a book about incentives to R&D throughout the world, which allows companies to optimize their R&D deployment strategy on an international basis.

A cooperation-based approach

  • Creation of tools for transmitting knowledge and training employees and researchers, in order to ensure gradual, effective integration by the company.

A cross-disciplinary, integrated approach

  • Coordination and integration of scientific, accounting, tax and legal issues with an international approach.