Arsene Taxand - Real Estate

Arsene Taxand’s real estate team assists developers, investment funds, listed mortgage companies, users, banks and insurers, to help them to optimise their operations via the:
  • Selection and implementation of the investment structure,
  • Acquisition or disposal of assets or real property companies,
  • Asset management of their operations
  • Intra-group restructurings.
  • Drawing on its international network, Taxand’s Real Estate department works for French and international clients on French and foreign market transactions.

Led by François Lugand, our Real Estate team assists real estate professionals during all phases of holding transactions: sourcing and development, investment, holding and disposal. Our clients are leading players in the real estate industry: developers, investment funds, mortgage companies, users, financiers and services providers. We have developed tax assignments specific to the various phases of their activities.

Setting up of investment funds or investment entities. We help our clients to select the most appropriate investment structure, tailored to their operations and investors:

  • Structuring of investment funds or investment vehicles tailored to (regulated and un-regulated) investors, pension funds, life insurance companies, etc.,
  • Setting up of “OPCIs” [French real estate collective investment schemes] and “SIICs” [French listed real estate companies].

- Assistance with acquisitions and disposals. We assist our clients during these phases, to help them to:

  • Choose between acquisition/disposal of the asset, the company or the real estate portfolio,
  • Optimise deferred taxation calculations,
  • Reduce indirect tax costs, such as registration fees,
  • Identify tax risks and negotiate contractual tax clauses.

Assistance with the asset management of their operations. We assist our clients in determining the taxable income of their operations:

  • Optimisation of the financing conditions and under-capitalisation rules,
  • Monitoring of the depreciation policy (depreciation and provisions),
  • Assisting with tax audits.

Assistance during intra-group reorganisations. We assist our clients in their groups’ restructuring operations, while taking account of their objectives:

  • Improving the movement of financial flows;
  • Simplifying holding structures;
  • Anticipating disinvestment-related problems…

  • Thanks to the Taxand network’s synergies and resources, we are able to assist clients internationally, notably multinationals.
  • Our team’s multi-industry experience covers all real estate asset production and management phases, enabling us to tailor a tax strategy specific to each transaction.
  • The expertise and complementarity of our Arsene Taxand teams enable us, on a case-by-case basis, to tailor innovative tax approaches (private equity, VAT, transfer pricing and corporate tax management) to the real estate industry.
  • Our network of partners and experts, especially in real estate law, M&A and valuation, enables us to master all the issues related to the optimisation of real estate transactions.